About MxBlue

About us? We’d rather talk about you. And about Mendix and how we are going to give your digital transformation that decisive boost. Once we’ve introduced you to who we are and what we believe in, we can dive straight into your needs when we meet.

Small print and complex contracts

We thrive on collaborating with our clients – on crafting, designing and implementing Mendix solutions. We help them stay ahead of the game. And each and every day, we strive to do better. That’s not because we have to but because we want to. We are transparent and committed and do not believe in small print or complex contracts. What we do believe in is mutual respect – trust, open minds and positive attitudes. The key ingredients for a great atmosphere and optimal results.

Keeping control while moving ahead

Now, back to you. Managing an IT landscape means staying on top of core systems, business needs and costs, budget and planning – not to mention security, availability and effective deployment of your in-house IT staff, who are in short supply. But your organisation also requires constant innovation to stay one step ahead of the competition. We don’t have to tell you that quality and user-friendly IT solutions are vital to gain a competitive edge. That’s why, at MxBlue, helping you keep control while moving ahead is at the heart of everything we do.

Digital dreams at your fingertips

Combining the world’s most advanced low-code platform with a proven project approach and tried-and-tested best practices makes innovation manageable, predictable and scalable. Our team of makers are experts in Mendix and SAP and part of the SAP service provider group SUPERP. This means we have the skills and infrastructure to develop extraordinary solutions for your business requirements. With SAP as a solid foundation and Mendix flexibility, your digital dreams are at your fingertips.

Eyes on opportunities, focus on the proces

MxBlue believes in possibilities, in opportunities. You can see it in our open outlook, curiosity, creativity, capability and in the efficient way we work. It also shines through in how we conduct ourselves, our professional insights into the IT landscape and our ability to maintain our vision. These are our building blocks. They help us translate complex issues into future-proof digital business processes that fit your organisation like a glove. Not forgetting, of course, the endless possibilities Mendix provides.