Our history

Han Pieter always wanted to create ‘truly beautiful things’. His background in economics and more than 20 years of development experience shaped his unique vision for creating software solutions that make a difference. Spoiler alert: there’s more to it than just technology!

Han Pieter

As a child, Han Pieter Duyverman was the stereotypical computer whiz kid. And yet, he chose economics. But that didn’t stop him from building websites and databases on the side. It was at ABN AMRO that he learned to develop and manage enterprise applications and experienced the challenges and the intricacies of truly integrating the business and IT first hand.

Han Pieter then moved to Mendix and set up its office in the United States. Once he had become fully acquainted with the platform and the underlying philosophy, he was convinced of Mendix’s unprecedented capabilities. And it gave him an appetite for more.

Not just good coding

Together with SAP service provider SUPERP, Han Pieter established MxBlue in 2017. The guiding principle was to help companies move forward with an effective and intelligent combination of Mendix and SAP. His passion for technology was at the heart of the plan. As Han Pieter puts it: “Every line of code we write must be spot on. This is the only way we can develop truly beautiful solutions.”

But there’s a lot more to it than just good coding. Our total package is what makes the difference: great tools (Mendix low-code platform), motivated makers and professional project management – the MxBlue winning combination.

Daan Balijon

Daan Balijon joined MxBlue’s management team three years later in 2020. His mission was to help the company grow and develop professionally. Starting his career as an SAP technology consultant at Accenture, Daan’s background in project and programme management and extensive IT architecture knowhow enable him to understand more than most that the human factor is just as important as technology.

Daan is extremely driven and enjoys tackling even the most difficult challenges but is also honest enough to turn down a project that he does not believe in. WYSIWYG! His key motivation is helping clients move their businesses forward.

Making the difference

Han Pieter and Daan want MxBlue to be not only a professional company but also a fun company to work with and to work for. They strive to create an environment in which Mendix makers reach their full potential. An environment that enables them to work closely with clients and develop solutions that truly make a difference. They take a considered approach and always aim for the best result – a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. The entire process is carefully coordinated without the need for unnecessary meetings, creating more time to build something to be proud of: an application that simplifies complex processes and makes complicated work easier and more fun for your employees.