Mendix & SAP expert services

Our consultants thrive on a challenge. So, don’t be surprised if their faces light up when things get complicated. Because nothing demonstrates the power of a low-code Mendix application quite like a complex information structure that feels surprisingly intuitive.


Make our consultants smile. Hand them a complex business challenge! Together, we’ll examine which extension to SAP you need. Is the solution clear – crystal clear? Only then do we start to build. In a number of sprints, we will deliver a Mendix app that seamlessly runs in tandem with your SAP system – one your employees will enjoy working with. Our consultants will be closely involved every step of the way during implementation and also afterwards. You’ll soon be off to a flying start using your brand-new application.

Hard and soft

What distinguishes MxBlue consultants from the rest? Their in-depth knowledge of SAP, Mendix and the intermediate interface, of course. But there’s more. Our consultants are determined to further expand their personal development. Having been in IT consultancy for many years, we understand the range of hard and soft skills required for successful projects. We offer excellent training and have a buddy scheme in place for new consultants. We are passionate about Mendix and SAP and have the skills to show for it.

Absolute maker mentality

But skills alone don’t cut it. What you also need is a culture where fun, craftsmanship and personal growth go hand in hand. That’s us to a tee! We have established our own technical infrastructure for experimenting and learning. And efficient knowledge sharing and best practices prevent us from reinventing the wheel each time. Add our absolute maker mentality to the mix, and you can trust us to make the difference in your projects.

Bring it on!