Mendix platform services

A Mendix platform is much more than just a collection of apps. With a clear roadmap and strong focus on reusable components, we ensure your applications complement rather than overlap each other. This maximises efficiency and keeps the total cost of ownership per app to a minimum.

Keeping control

Of course, our key priority is providing the right technology. However, we need more than technology to build a platform that integrates dozens of applications. So, we kick things off by defining your objectives and creating a roadmap that matches your ambitions. Not sure whether your organisation is better suited for an app factory or a centre of excellence? We can help you make the right choice. Our aim is to get the most out of the platform with high-quality Mendix applications that are both scalable and cost effective. This is how we prevent a proliferation of apps and ensure you stay in control.


Our knowledge and experience of implementing Mendix platforms helps set priorities in the change portfolio. The winning combination usually comprises a number of quick wins with immediate impact and strategic projects that have an overall effect on the organisation and add structural value.


Our small multidisciplinary team will adapt to the dynamics of your organisation. We personally accompany you through the development process. Sit back and let us do the work – but not all of it. It’s important for you to be an integral part of things. By including your employees and teaching them Mendix, you will be able to further develop and manage the platform all by yourselves in no time.


Are you new to agile or a project-based approach? No problem. We will take you by the hand and ease you into this way of working. Many organisations often extend this effective method to other departments – it’s only logical given this proven and structured approach assures speed and quality.


Over the years, we have gained unsurpassed experience of integrating Mendix platforms into a range of IT landscapes. Our well-stocked toolbox is available at all times. We support you in setting up a CI/CD pipeline to automate the development process wherever possible. And by cleverly introducing reusable components, we reduce time spent on development even further. This means the teams can fully focus on adding value to the business, while you keep your IT landscape simple and manageable. That’s what we call user friendly!