Mendix support & life cycle management

You have a brand-new Mendix application or maybe even a complete Mendix platform. Thanks to its intuitive interface, your people can start using it immediately. Behind the scenes, we make sure things stay up to date and secure.

Finger on the pulse

Your organisation keeps evolving. The same applies to your SAP system. Meanwhile, new security threats are a daily occurrence. So, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse even after the application is up and running. Our support and life cycle management can do that for you. We keep your Mendix applications up to date, monitor for any security issues and protect your systems against any threats.

Optimal ecosystem

We proactively monitor and immediately respond to incidents without any disruption to your employees (or at least as little as possible). In addition to managing your applications, we also brainstorm with the product owner and the business about further development ideas. This way, we can incorporate new requirements and developments directly into the app. Our complete package guarantees your Mendix ecosystem functions optimally and includes incident, problem and change management services.

Easy to use and user friendly

There’s nothing more annoying than an IT system that doesn’t do what you want it to, and you don’t understand why. For a new application to be adopted, it’s important for your organisation to be able to rely on it so that your people can get on with their jobs. And the same goes for support services. That’s why we provide easy-to-use applications and user-friendly support for a smooth experience every step of the way.