Mendix UI/UX design

The UI is what you see. The UX is what you experience. Our UI design guarantees you have an app that people will want to work with. And our UX design ensures they will want to keep working with it.

Talk and ask questions

A stimulating design that encourages interaction and an intuitive user experience that closely matches user requirements. Those can’t simply be conjured up from behind a desk. Those can’t simply be conjured up from behind a desk. If you want to get to the nitty-gritty, you have to ask daft and difficult questions. A lot of them. You have to almost become part of the organisation, really get to know the people and talk with all stakeholders. Our toolbox is packed with research and visualisation methods that guarantee we get the right information to the surface, ensuring the user always comes first.

From mockup to MVP

We open our toolbox during the design sprint (sprint 0) and translate the user insights gained into a preliminary design comprising wireframes or mockups. We then distil user stories: crystal-clear descriptions of what users wants to achieve. This is how our developers know exactly what they need to build, starting with the most important components. Once the MVP / Minimal Viable Productof the app is up and running, the rest follows.

Easier and more fun

This tried and tested approach enables us to successfully translate complex processes into Mendix applications that allow users to perform challenging tasks more easily and quickly – or better yet, applications that even fully automate those arduous tasks. That’s why the focus of each feature we propose puts the user first. Because only when an application solves the relevant problems will users be happy. This is how we make working with SAP easier and more fun, and not forgetting, more effective.

S/4HANA and Fiori apps

Do you work with S/4HANA? Then the best solution is for your new Mendix app to interact seamlessly with the Fiori app that users already work with. Our UX designers are familiar with Fiori UX-richtlijnen and, of course, with Fiori itself. With the Fiori 3 theme package, which we have designed specifically for this purpose, you will be hard pressed to notice any difference to a Fiori app. As a result, users will get accustomed to your new Mendix app in no time.

Good UX = good business

At MxBlue, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of a well-thought-out UX strategy. Good UX design means your organisation will more readily embrace the app. It’s a recipe for satisfied users – happy users even. And that, in turn, ensures your business objectives and the needs and wishes of your employees are aligned. How do you know if the UX design is good? It will be:

UI seamless with UX

Our UX designers are skilled experts who are trained in Mendix and SAP Design Thinking. They are certified Mendix developers that co-build the frontend and possess in-depth knowledge of the Atlas UI Mendix UI framework and SAP Fiori. Their knowledge of responsive development ensures long-term solutions that are widely applicable. This is how we build applications that not only comply with the five features listed; they also go above and beyond.