Theme Switcher – 50% savings in styling time

Do you spend much time setting up and maintaining different stylesheets for various brands and their corporate identities within your company? Do you finally need a central styling place for all your Mendix APPs? Developed by our UX Guild, this Theme Switcher module combines several best practices:

✔ Easy switch in your Mendix app to Dark Mode for night workers or high contrast mode for those with color blindness
✔ Support for multiple themes with style and colors to save hours of styling and management
✔ Smart building blocks and widget extensions, such as checkbox-icon-swap. Radio and checkbox sizes, colors, and additional spacing options.
✔ Easy integration of new themes across different stylesheets with full flexibility for design details
✔ WCAG compatibility for compliance with the European Accessibility Act (EAA-2025) guidelines (mandatory by June 2025)

What we offer

  • Theme Switcher Module Application: A central, versatile tool that simplifies theme management, ensuring your applications are always up-to-date, customizable, and accessible.
  • Maintenance and Support: We ensure the Theme Switcher module is consistently updated with the latest design and accessibility standards. Our team can assist with setup support to seamlessly integrate the module into your applications. Our team can assist with setup support to seamlessly integrate the module into your applications.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Makes it easy to customize the module to your unique requirements. Also usable for do-it-yourself implementation. Also usable for do-it-yourself-implementation.
  • WCAG Ready: Prepare for the European Accessibility Act, ensuring your applications are accessible and compliant.

Pricing structure

The investment in implementing the Theme Switcher module depends on several factors, including your specific requirements and Mendix platform settings We offer competitive pricing with the assurance of ongoing support and updates to the module.