PVH: 8 applications for 3,000+ users and counting

PVH, owner of iconic brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, uses Mendix for processes that cannot be integrated into its standard ERP system. We have built eight apps for the company to date and have helped it create a Mendix centre of excellence.

Mendix platform on AWS

PVH is one of the largest fashion groups in the world with customers in 40+ countries and operations on several continents. Together with PVH, MxBlue set up a Mendix platform that runs on the company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS). We developed the generic components, established security guidelines and implemented Mendix best practices – all of which were recorded and documented. We also optimised and future-proofed several processes on the Mendix platform that are unique to PVH.

Apps for non-standard processes

Customer allocation is the input for key sales processes. This includes placing and reviewing orders, budgeting, planning, reporting and preparing presentations. Within the framework of a completely new customer journey design, we built a dedicated application to facilitate customer allocation. PVH representatives previously worked in several different applications, meaning that data was not always consistent and processes became very labour intensive. But this is now all in the past thanks to PVH’s new app.

Example: order application

Creating an order for non-trade products in SAP, including administration, delivery, confirmation and invoicing, involves a multitude of screens and data. We have integrated all that data into a single order application with a well-organised detail screen and tools to manage the process. The order status is immediately visible, and several steps are now performed automatically. A real-time overview of quantities and delivery dates provides PVH with vital information related to planning and fitting out new or remodelled stores.

Other Mendix applications were developed for:

  • refund authorisations and payments to wholesalers
  • customer discount approvals for wholesalers
  • process support related to budgeting and costs
  • Integrating and accessing store information from various sources
  • compliance process support for external staff